Corporate Policies
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1 Archival Policy
2 Code of Conduct of Board & Senior Management
3 Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
4 Familiarisation Programme for Independent Directors
5 Nomination and Remuneration Policy
6 Policy for Preservation of Documents
7 Policy of Making Payments to Non-Executive Directors
8 Policy on Code of Practices and Procedures for Fair Disclosure of UPSI
9 Policy for Disclosure & Determination of Materiality of Events or Information
10 Policy on Diversity of Board of Directors
11 Policy on Identification of Group Companies & Material Creditors and Material Litigations
12 Policy on Materiality of Related Party Transactions
13 Policy-for-determining-Material-subsidiaries
14 Prevention of Sexual Harrassment Policy
15 Prohibition of Insider Trading Policy
16 Terms & conditions of Appointment of Independent Directors
17 Whistle Blower Policy
18 Risk Management Policy
19 Dividend Distribution Policy
20 Orderly Succession Policy for Appointments to the Board and to Senior Management
21 Criteria for performance evaluation of Independent Directors and the Board of Directors
22 Policy with respect to obligations of Directors and senior Management
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