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Connect to the Electrosurgical Unit Service Provider in Ahmedabad. Electrosurgical is the most common surgical procedure performed in the OR. Almost every operating room in the world has a high-frequency surgical equipment, which is utilised in all surgical areas, in both hospitals and private practise physicians' offices.

At Aprameya Engineering Limited, we provide services of ESU/Service Center for all Kinds of Energy Source. Right from repairing Onboard component level to electrical safety test to medical equipment safety test, we assist the healthcentres with Electrosurgical maintenance services in India.

We consider advanced technology and processes to be an essential part of our business. Apart from that, we place a strong emphasis in offering support to clients, which is a highly visible and vital job description. Our repairing and maintenance services for all of the items we deliver to them. So,being our client, feel free to approach us!

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