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Connect to the prominent Electrosurgery Accessories Suppliers in Ahmedabad. Our cutting-edge electrosurgery equipment is setting new benchmarks all around the world. This is due not only to their outstanding performance and features, but also to the fact that we provide you with a truly diverse range of products, ranging from HF devices for dentists to units for minor and major private surgeries and outpatient departments to high-end devices for use in operating room

Accessories for Electrosurgical energy

We provide you a comprehensive range of ESU accessories including Steel/Silicon & Split Patient Plate and its cord. Disposable Handswitch Pencil, Reusable Handswitch Pencil, Monopolar Foot operated Pencil, Bayonet/Straight type Bipolar Forceps (6.5"/7.25"/8") and its Cord. Power Cord.

Wide distribution network

As a leading Electrosurgical Accessories Retailers and Importers in India, we assist our clients throughout the country by offering best in class range. With the extensive distribution web, we have come closer to our clients. Aprameya Engineering Limited is the right place to go for any requirement.

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