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Being a recognised Electrosurgical unit Suppliers in Ahmedabad, we assist our clients with best in class products. There is a wide use of electrosurgical units that we are providing is specifically used in medical applications. The ALAN’s electrosurgical unit is tailored with the up-to-date miniature design technology. The advanced microcontroller base helps in achieving the desired tissue effects

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The advanced electrosurgical units are generally used to cut or coagulate tissue. The cut and coagulation can be applied using two methods including monopolar and bipolar. Though, It is small in size but gives excellent performance. Being a user-friendly equipment, the operator can work with the machine in a hassle-free manner. It includes an LCD display for a variety of functions. With these advanced equipment, Alan’s 3 pedal footswitch monopolar and Bipolar Alan's Monopolar and Bipolar can be assisted without altering any configurations. 

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Contact the leading Electrosurgical Unit  Retailers and Importers in India. You can order your requirements for E-lite - Electrosurgical Cautery Unit, Elsy 360 L+, Alan Elsy 360 D Plus (Electrosurgical Unit), Alan ELSY 360 M Plus Electrosurgical Unit, Vessel Sealer - Electrosurgical Unit With Ligator and Alan MBXVX Electrosurgical Generator.

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