Terumax Syringe Pump Suppliers

Terumax Syringe Pump Suppliers in Ahmedabad

Being a prominent Terumax syringe pump suppliers in Ahmedabad, we are engaged in providing Akas Terumax Infusion Pump that serves both volumetric and drop counting functions. It has been tailored to combine high levels of safety & functionality with very simple and reliable operation.

Some Key Properties:

Our offered product is available in a comprehensive range of features making it perfect for general, critical care, neonatal and Cancer therapy infusions where precision is significant.

  • Robust & Strong Design for tough function.
  • Dosage Ramp Up & Tapper Down use.
  • Auto/Purge Bolus & Multiple Safety Alarm Facility.
  • Automatic Syringe Detector & Custom Programmable Syringe.

Shop for products today!

If you are searching for the product in bulk, consider Terumax Syringe Pump Retailers and Importers in India. Aprameya Engineering Limited is the right spot to accomplish all of your demands efficiently. Moreover, you can attain the equipment at best prices. So, what to wait for? Make a deal today.

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